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I'm stepping down as an active moderating Administrator

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'll be stepping down as an active moderating administrato ...

7 years ago on Off Topic

SLi and GeForce 6600 GT

Does the second GPU show up in the device manager? Have you tried uninstalling the drivers complete ...

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GTX 595 EVGA First to show it off

Even the article says it's fairly likely that there's 2GB per GPU. If you're going t ...

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Ryme's going SSD

AHCI requires a Windows reinstall anyway. You can use junctions to move temp/files folders to anoth ...

7 years ago on PC Components

Unintelligent console gamers Don't ya just hate 'em?

Consoles, especially the xbox360 render the game at a much lower resolution than HD, than upscale it ...

7 years ago on Off Topic

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