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No Twin/Dual View Possible

Will do if I manage to figure it out, on my side I can rule out hardware or cable defects, it must b ...

6 years ago on GeForce 300/200/100 Series

No sound output on DVI IN (HDMI 2) (AUDIO R/L) connection

I previously had my Geforce 9600 GT connected to an Samsung LE37BD TV by using the DVI IN (HDMI 2) ( ...

6 years ago on Legacy

GeForce 9600 GT, DVI to HDMI, and sound chip woes This is ap...

I found a not from Samsung on that problem http://support-us.samsung.com/cyber/popup/iframe/pop_trou ...

6 years ago on Legacy

geforce 9600 gso

I have the same problem it used to work in earlier version but with the new drivers it does not anmy ...

6 years ago on Legacy

HDMI to DVI Audio Problems w/ GeForce 8800 GT

Is there any update on this?

6 years ago on Legacy

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